Crack in concrete being repaired via high pressure injection.

Our experience is resulting from many thousands meters of repaired cracks in different structures.
We contract/offer:
- crack bridging injection repair,
- active cracks injection repair,
- sealing the pressurized water-bearing cracks,
- structural reinforcing of cracked elements,
and more ...


Serious crack of concrete tank in repair (quasi expansion-joint is being created in place of structural crack).

Repair of cracked bridge beams.

Drilling the injection holes along the crack.

Injecting the resin into cracked wall of concrete tank in sewege plant.

Repair of cracked concrete tank in water treatement dept. of a power plant.

Injecting the cracked concrete tank (injection ports installed).

Tunnel's ceiling getting dry after effective sealing of leaking cracks.

Repair of active cracks in the wall of concrete tank in refinery.

Location of core taken from the cracked concrete slab for injection quality assessment.

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