Localization of corroding reinforcement via measurements of concrete cover AC resistance and corrosion potential distribution (cooperation with Bridge Department of Rzeszow University of Technology)

Our everyday practice are examination and tests as the basis for correct condition survey of concrete and r.c. structures, evaluation of contamination and protective properties of concrete cover, restoration engineering and jobsite inspection.
Welded joints, cracks and steel structures failures are investigated by Przedsiębiorstwo Specjalistyczne DRACO s.c.

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In-situ measurements of concrete cover thickness.

In-situ measurement of carbonation depth (see the lost of steel bar diameter caused by corrosion developed in place the bar crosses the crack present in concrete).

Quick detection of chlorides presence in concrete (cores are taken for laboratory assessment).

Concrete slump testing.

Testing the adhesion of repair layer to concrete (see delamination occured in concrete substrate).

Concrete cores taken from repair and resurfacing layers.

Location of core taken from the cracked concrete slab for injection quality assessment.

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